Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chance Meeting

Chance Meeting

***Video go to 30min:20seconds***

Last evening I had just finished a meeting at City Hall and was walking near the Dam and Tunnel where we did the paintings last summer.  I noticed a young lady setting her backpack down on a bench and holding a hoop.  I suddenly had a flashback to last fall, when a video had been posted of a girl doing this beautiful hula hoop dancing in our beautifully painted tunnel.

I walked up to her and asked if it was her and indeed it was.  Her name is Kenzie...I don't know anything else about her.   I introduced myself as the founder of Young Artists of Anoka and that I had put the tunnel project together.  I think we were both so excited to meet each other.  I loved the video I had seen of her hula hoop dancing last fall, it was so beautiful and that the tunnel had inspired her to be creative and free!  She was so excited because she and her friends love the tunnel!

I'm attaching the video to this post so that you can see her beautiful hula hoop dancing, as well as the tunnel.

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